The new 2024 edition of the CEI 64-8 standard is nearing completion. A report to be the first to learn about the main upcoming changes and stay updated on the latest regulatory developments of interest to electrical installers.
The rules for the connection of active and passive users are constantly evolving on the regulatory and regulatory fronts. The presence of e-distribution allows an overview of various common cases often subject to doubts and discussions.
Remote self-consumption of energy from renewable sources, through direct private connections or the Distributor's network, complements on-site self-consumption schemes, collective self-consumption, and energy communities. The report addresses practically how to implement these new configurations.
The analysis of lightning risk and protection against overvoltages are topics that installers often have to deal with on a daily basis. The report addresses and resolves the main critical points that arise in the practical application of the reference standards.
Finally, the last report provides clarification on the most debated aspects related to the maintenance contract for electrical installations and the resulting responsibilities.
The TuttoNormel Technical Meeting, as tradition dictates, represents an opportunity to update one's knowledge and improve professional skills.

Looking forward to meeting you in person soon.

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